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Oncology & Hematology

Partnering to overcome the complex challenges in Oncology & Hematology Clinical Trials

Tailoring approaches to diverse cancer types, aligning patient recruitment with treatment paths, adapting to evolving science, and ensuring consistent, efficient trial management worldwide are pivotal for the success of oncology clinical development. At Lambda, we embody the essential expertise and dedication to excel across all facets of oncology clinical research.

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of both traditional and cutting-edge therapies, allowing us to navigate a wide spectrum of indications—from solid tumors to hematological malignancies. This encompasses promising therapeutic approaches like molecularly targeted agents, immunotherapies, cell and gene therapies, and innovative combinations. Whether addressing advanced solid tumors or hematological malignancies, we are committed to relentless efforts to uncover potential breakthroughs and provide hope to patients globally.

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Oncology Imaging:

Our experts excel in oncology imaging, conducting independent assessments of solid tumors and lymphomas in line with RECIST 1.1 and Cheson criteria. We adeptly handle various modalities including CT, PET-CT, and MRI. Our extensive experience in oncology imaging covers over 20+ studies in Metastatic Breast Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, Gastric Cancer, and Ovarian Cancer.

Expertise in Managing Clinical Trials across Diverse Oncology Indications, including but not limited to:

Our Presence

We are aggressively expanding globally and are confident in our research initiatives, propelling us toward a trajectory of excellence.

Corporate Office – Ahmedabad

Lambda House, Plot No. 38,
Survey No. 388,
Near Silver Oak University,
S.G. Highway, Gota, Ahmedabad - 382481,
Gujarat, India.

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Poland (Warsaw)

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UK (London)

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Canada (Toronto)

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Representative Office 

US (Las Vegas)

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