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In the realm of neuroscience & psychiatry, clinical research poses distinct challenges—accelerating recruitment, measuring subjective endpoints, countering placebo effects, and demonstrating meaningful efficacy. At Lambda Therapeutic Research, we understand these obstacles and bring a wealth of experience and scientific acumen to address them. Our seasoned team navigates this intricate landscape with a blend of expertise and problem-solving, ensuring your neuroscientific trials are propelled forward efficiently.

With an impressive track record and a commitment to advancing neuroscientific solutions, Lambda stands at the forefront of neurology and psychiatry research. We comprehend that unmet patient needs in the central nervous system (CNS) arena necessitate innovative approaches, potentially revolutionizing how neurological disorders are managed and treated. Our dedicated medical team, well-versed in the latest scientific developments, empowers your trial’s impact. Join us in this neuroscience odyssey, where innovation meets impact, and lives are transformed.

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Our expertise extends to managing various neuro & psychiatry indications, including but not limited to:

Our Presence

We are aggressively expanding globally and are confident in our research initiatives, propelling us toward a trajectory of excellence.

Corporate Office – Ahmedabad

Lambda House, Plot No. 38,
Survey No. 388,
Near Silver Oak University,
S.G. Highway, Gota, Ahmedabad - 382481,
Gujarat, India.

Representative Office 

Poland (Warsaw)

Representative Office 

UK (London)

Representative Office 

Canada (Toronto)

Representative Office 


Representative Office 

US (Las Vegas)

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