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Life At Lambda

At Lambda, we believe that delivering the best requires the best. Our success is built on the foundation of our exceptional team members who embody our commitment to excellence. We are always on the lookout for qualified and energetic individuals who share our drive for excellence on every front, and we reward their dedication with a fulfilling career.

The Lambda Family

When you join Lambda, you become a part of the Lambda Family. We are more than just colleagues; we are a closely-knit group that fosters not only professional relationships but also personal bonds. Lambda fosters an innovative, collaborative, and respectful culture. As one of the top global CRO, we embrace diversity in our inclusive work environment, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds.

Throughout the year, we come together to celebrate, share experiences, and support one another through various commemorative, cultural, and societal enrichment activities. From team-building events to volunteering initiatives, we create a sense of belonging and camaraderie that extends beyond the workplace. To amplify the spirit of celebration and appreciation, we go the extra mile by distributing gifts during diverse occasions and festivals.

Winner of the “Great Indian Workplace” Award

Lambda is proud to be the recipient of the esteemed ‘Great Indian Workplace Award’ by UBS Transformance in 2017. This recognition is a testament to our strong HR policies, valued employees, and commitment to excellence.

Be A Part Of Our Growth Story

Aspire to join a leading global CRO and make a difference in clinical research? Explore our career opportunities at Lambda and be part of our innovative journey. Experience Life @ Lambda, where excellence thrives!

Lambda Navratri

The grandest Lambda event, this vibrant night is the ultimate Lambda family get-together where dance, divinity and dining come together to create a memorable spectacle.

Blood Donation Camp

Complementing our role as global ambassadors of global wellbeing, Lambda organizes regular Blood Donation Camps at the premises to cater to the desperately growing need in society and give hope to hundreds of patients.

Women’s Day

Having a female leader at the helm, Lambda understands the unique attributes that a woman brings to the table. To honour her incomparable persona, every “Woman’s Day”, we have an exclusive celebration with a special guest.

Children’s Day

With an aim to empower the future, Lambda organizes a Drawing Competition for the children of the Lambda family. This activity is aimed at not just building a strong bond between the employees but also nurture the creative expressions of the young and pure minds.

Let's Unveil New Therapies Together

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