Medical Imaging


  • End-to-End Imaging Review Services for an extensive range of therapeutic categories
  • Cent-Re-View: fully validated & compliant Central Imaging Review Platform for performing central independent review in all therapeutic segments
  • Web-based Image upload from sites anywhere across the globe in compliance of HIPAA & local regulations
  • One of the quickest turnaround time in the industry for Application customization & real-time reviews
Our Services
  • Site Identification & Start-up
  • Preparing Central Imaging Lab
  • System Configuration as per Protocol and Validation
  • Developing Independent Review Charter
  • Image Receipt and Quality Check
  • Central Imaging Assessment
  • Review Quality Assurance
  • Imaging Data Management
  • Imaging Data – Archival & Storage
Standardized Image Acquisition and Online Data Transfer


  • Identification of Competent Investigators’ Site including Test Images Review
  • Proprietary Web-based Imaging Data Transfer tool enable instant receipt of images on Lambda – Imaging Server
  • Provide Image Acquisition Manual to all identified sites to ensure standardized Image Capture throughout the project
  • Impart Investigators’ Site Team Training
Image Processing and Analysis
  • Proprietary Image Processing and Analysis Platform customizable to different assessment criteria for disease specific surrogate endpoints
  • Disease and Assessment Criteria specific segmentation tools
  • Automated blinding of Imaging Studies
  • Rapid Turnaround Time for Quality Check and Review Analysis
  • Enable to import variety of imaging data format for further processing and analysis
  • Able to review video formats
  • No “Manual Errors” due to Automated calculations
  • In built error checks and automated image analysis parameter transfer to prevent reviewer mistakes
  • Able to store images with or without annotations on images
  • Complete Audit Trail from Image Upload till Data Export
Data Management
  • Data Export compatible with widely accepted Data Management System
  • Secure Archival of analyzed Imaging Data and Metadata
  • Readily able to retrieve archived data for Sponsor and Regulatory Audit / Inspections
  • imaging_prossesing
Technology / Imaging Platform
  • Web-based Image data Transfer in No Time
  • “Validated” & 21CFR Part11 compliant
  • No “Manual Errors’ due to automated calculations
  • In built Error Checks to prevent reviewer mistakes
  • Customizable for indication specific assessment criteria
  • Hybrid (Paper + Electronic) configuration also possible
  • Complete Audit Trail from Image Upload till Data Export