It is very nice to visit Lambda facility and thanks to warm welcome provided by all the teams. I can easily say one of the best CRO I ever visited. People here are wonderful and doing great job

Reputed Client of Israel

Awesome hospitality & fantastic office. All the best!

Reputed Client of Japan

Excellent hospitality and cooperation received throughout the audit. People are knowledgeable and extremely transparent. Looking for long time relation

Reputed Client of Asia

Facility is too good to conduct the BABE studies and adherence to protocol and quality assurance in conducting studies are meeting sponsor expectations and requirements.

Reputed Client of India

Facility is good, people r trained well and know the subject on which they r working. All the best.

Reputed Client of USA

Highly innovative and advanced research centre that possess bright future for the development of the country.

Reputed International Government Body

It is one of the best facility in India for BA/BE

Reputed Regulatory Authority

Lambda is a very professional CRO. All the staff here are experienced and very knowledgeable. I'm grateful for their accommodations and hospitality. The future, if we want to carry out BE study, we will ask Lambda help again.

Reputed Client of Europe

It was a really pleasant meeting with the PV department, and I am looking forward to the next visit.

Reputed Client of Europe

Amazing and best CRO I ever seen

Reputed Client of China


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Journal Selection

28 May 2019

Journal Selection Selection of a journal remains a crucial step in publication planning. Searching and selecting a high-tier, peer-reviewed journal wi...

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01 May 2019

Several medical conferences are being organized in different therapeutic areas on a routine basis by respective medical associations alone or in colla...

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02 Apr 2019

HOW TO WRITE A SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE FOR A MEDICAL JOURNAL? Research is essential for the growth and development in any field, more so in medical science...

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The International Society for Medical Publication Profession...

07 Mar 2019

The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) is a not-for-profit voluntary, professional member association founded by medi...

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Process of Effective Medical Case Report Writing

31 Jan 2019

Individual cases of the patients are the essence of medical science as they provide very first presentation of the discoveries such as new conditions,...

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Scientific Journals - Different Types of Articles Published

30 Nov 2018

Publishing articles in scholarly journals is an integral part in the competitive world of academia. Researchers spend sleepless nights conducting rese...

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04 Dec 2018

Orphan drug is a drug or biologic that intends to treat a rare disease or condition affecting fewer than 200,000 persons in the United States or a dru...

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Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials: Patient-Reported...

06 Nov 2018

Patient-reported outcome (PRO) data is defined as the "measurement of any aspect of a patient's health status that comes directly from the patient (i....

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The STARD (STAndards for Reporting Diagnostic Accuracy) - Ch...

02 Jul 2018

The STARD guideline was developed to provide select items that would improve the quality of diagnostic research. The reporting of these items facilita...

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CHEERS Guideline for Economic Evaluation

03 Oct 2018

The economic aspects and evaluations of diseases and management assessed in clinical studies are very important as costs are an important factor in de...

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The STARD statement - STAndards for Reporting Diagnostic Acc...

04 Jun 2018

Diagnostic tests are continuously evolving with a rapid development in new tests as well as improvements in the existing ones. Studies on the evaluati...

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STROBE Statement-Checklist

01 May 2018

STROBE Statement-Checklist of items should be followed in reporting of all observational studies including cohort, case-control, and epidemiological s...

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STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epid...

03 Apr 2018

Biomedical research studies are many times observational and the reporting of such research is often inadequate. The incomplete and inadequate report...

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CONSORT - Flow Diagram

01 Feb 2018

CONSORT stands for Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials and is developed by the CONSORT Group to encourage comprehensive reporting of randomized...

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PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and...

27 Feb 2018

Flow Diagram The PRISMA is an evidence-based minimum set of items, which help authors to improve the reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses...

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Journal Decision Making for Scientific Publications

01 Jan 2018

The decision-making authority for scientific publications is the editorial board of the journal or the chief editor. The journal's decision-making dep...

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Pros and Cons of Peer Review

08 Nov 2017

Peer review process, considered as the 'gold standard' of academic achievement, provides a trusted form of scientific communication, and helps in impr...

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Peer-Review in Publications: Types & Reviewer's Responsibili...

27 Oct 2017

Peer review is an embodiment of the process of validating research by scientific evaluation and harmonizing the virtues and deficit of the manuscripts...

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Journal Peer Review Process: An Overview

14 Sep 2017

Articles and manuscripts written by researchers and academicians are published in journals which are available in the public domain. This adds respons...

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Professional Publication Writing

07 Aug 2017

Publication of studies in peer reviewed journals is advocated by most researchers so that the results can be disseminated throughout the scientific co...

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Non Clinical and Clinical CTD Modules

08 Jul 2017

What is CTD? The common technical document (CTD) is a set of specifications to prepare the application dossier for the registration of medicines acr...

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SAE (Serious Adverse Event) Narrative in Clinical Research

08 Jul 2017

The literary meaning of the word 'narrative' is 'a spoken or a written account of connected events'. What is SAE Narrative? A serious adverse even...

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eCTD:Highlights and Updates

03 Jun 2017

The electronic common technical document or eCTD is an interface designed for the pharmaceutical industry to transfer regulatory information. This mod...

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Medical Writing in Clinical Research

06 Mar 2017

Medical writing can encompass medical communications, scientific writing, scientific communications, and regulatory writing, etc. If we go back to the...

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