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Targeted Penetration Matrix (TPM): An innovative transdermal delivery system

01 Jan 2018

Novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) have established platforms for oral, parentral and nasal drug delivery systems. Moreover, NDDS have also been applied to transmucosal drug delivery, transdermal and topical drug delivery, etc.  Conventional delivery forms of dermatological actives (gel/patch/spray) may have some limitations to enhance compatibility with different type of drug molecules, to achieve target penetration. This may lead to lower drug delivery, at the targeted sites.

TPM® (Targeted Penetration Matrix) technology can be regulated to control the rate and area of conveyance, also enhance compatibility with different drug molecules through the modification. TPM also stands for ‘tocopheryl phosphate mixture’ due to its composition of two different forms of phosphorylated Vitamin E (mono-a-tocopheryl phosphate, TP & di-a-tocopheryl phosphate, T2P). According to the discovery by Phosphogenics, TP is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin E that presents in plants and animal tissues. Also, being a lipid soluble, vitamin-E possesses poor solubility in water. TPM® molecules become amphiphilic, with the addition of a phosphate group, which enable these molecules to become soluble in both water and oil and that is very important as the skin has both oil and water layers. Thus, compared to the standard form of vitamin-E, TPM® has enhanced solubility within the skin, which enables the drug molecules, to diffuse more efficiently.

According to the indications, different formulations (gel, patch or spray), can be prepared by using TPM®. TPM® is a scientifically validated delivery technology generating reproducible results across multiple clinical trials. It has proven capacity to deliver both small and large molecules, in addition to being a non-invasive and non-irritating system; hence, the transportation of both small and big atoms can become possible, by using this technology through ointments, gels, or fluid systems.

TPM can form highly deformable nanoparticles to encapsulate active ingredients that lead to their increased absorption into the skin or into systemic circulation through the layers of the skin.

Some molecules that has been delivered transdermally using TPM® are oxymorphone, oxycodone, lidocaine, diclofenac, ibuprofen, tretinoin, and even insulin. Unlike other systems, used as a penetration enhancement, TPM® can be modulated to control the rate and location of delivery, and enhance compatibility with molecules of widely different chemistries.

Phosphagenics- Melbourne-based biotech company, has developed this system for through-the-skin delivery. The organization has recently finished its Phase I B clinical trial, utilizing their patch for delivering the opioid oxycodone.

A topical diclofenac gel was launched by Novartis in India, under the brand name- Voveran to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatism and injury

As, TPM® is composed of vitamin- E, it is also able to reduce the irritation at the application site, which may be caused by some active delivery ingredients. The unique properties of TPM® make it ideal for use as a delivery system, in personal care as well as the skin diseased conditions.

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