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Accelerating Patient Recruitment: Topical Tacrolimus for Atopic Dermatitis

07 Jul 2023

Successful Enrolment of 783 Patients across India, in Two Phase III Studies on Topical Tacrolimus for Atopic Dermatitis in Just 5 Months.


  • Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a prevalent chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by itchy, eczematous lesions and small blisters.
  • Treatment goals for AD include managing dry skin, reducing inflammation, controlling itching, promoting healing, preventing infections, and minimizing flares. Long-term use of topical glucocorticoids is the primary treatment for AD but is associated with adverse drug effects (ADRs) such as irreversible skin atrophy.
  • Tacrolimus, an immunomodulator, is a safe and effective non-corticosteroid alternative for treating AD.
  • The study sponsor approached Lambda to support site enrolment for Phase III study for Tacrolimus Ointment in atopic dermatitis.

Study Details:

  • Lambda conducted two randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled, multi-center Phase-III studies to evaluate the efficacy and safety of topical tacrolimus in patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis.
    • Study-1: 0.1% Tacrolimus Topical Ointment
    • Study-2: 0.03% Tacrolimus Topical Ointment
  • The studies involved the application of tacrolimus topical ointment twice daily to a defined symptomatic area of 200 to 1000 cm2 of skin for a duration of three weeks.

Challenges Overcame:

  • Limited Awareness: Atopic dermatitis may be underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed, requiring increased awareness to educate patients and healthcare providers about the condition.
  • Stringent Eligibility Criteria: The recruitment process involved meticulous screening of participants who met specific criteria related to disease duration, affected area, and severity. These criteria included a minimum disease history of three months, a specified body surface area (BSA) for the affected area of atopic dermatitis, adherence to the severity range of moderate to severe according to the Hanifin and Rajka criteria, and a validated Investigator Global Assessment (vIGA) scoring system indicating at least moderate disease severity.
  • Patient Engagement: Maintaining patient engagement throughout the study duration was crucial to minimize dropouts and ensure adherence to the treatment protocol.

Our Approach:

  • Successfully tackled challenges related to stringent eligibility criteria, awareness, and patient engagement, employing effective strategies to ensure a diverse and representative study population.
  • Effective engagement with sites from the beginning of the studies to identify and recruit eligible patients.
  • Providing comprehensive training to sites on the necessary scales and scoring systems required for these studies.


  • 783 patients from across India were successfully recruited in just five months.

0.1% Tacrolimus Topical Ointment

429 Patients

19 Sites


0.03% Tacrolimus Topical Ointment

354 Patients

17 Sites

  • The achievement of recruiting a substantial number of patients within a short timeframe demonstrates Lambda's effective patient outreach and engagement strategies.

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