Lambda helps Ahmedabad Breathe Easy Amidst Oxygen Crisis

Lambda Therapeutic Research, in collaboration with INOX Air Products, has mobilised a 20 KL (20,000 litres) capacity tank to Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad to address the shortage of medical oxygen in the city.

As the nation faces the full brunt of the pandemic’s second wave, acute shortage of medical oxygen has become a burning issue, with several COVID-19 patients suffering from hypoxaemia and even losing their lives due to its unavailability.

Amidst this humanitarian crisis, Lambda Therapeutic Research has stepped up to fulfil its duties as a responsible corporate citizen, helping the city’s COVID-19 patients breathe a sigh of relief. The organisation, in collaboration with INOX Air Products, has released and mobilized its 20 Kilolitre tank to Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad (Asarwa), enabling the provision of potentially lifesaving oxygen therapy to severe COVID-19 patients. At full capacity, this large tank can store up to 20,000 litres of oxygen, which can greatly help cater to the medical oxygen needs of Civil Hospital.

“Besides taking this timely initiative, Lambda has also been relentlessly working as a clinical research partner with major global and domestic pharmaceutical organisations in developing potential treatments for the COVID-19 virus”, said Mrs Bindi Chudgar, MD of Lambda Therapeutic Research Pvt Ltd.